The little girl Yaqeen, is on the verge of death. Save her

The parents of Yaqeen, a three weeks old only baby girl, knocked on every door they could but are running out of hope. They seek compassionate hearts to help her get transferred outside AlRukban IDP camp and get the necessary medical treatment.

The three weeks old baby girl, Yaqeen, was born inside the besieged IDP camp. Her grandmother, Hasna Al-Mutlaq, a midwife working in the camp says she suffers from multiple medical conditions, tongue-tie, and an opening in the mouth palate, which prevents her from eating. As a result, Yaqeen suffers from breathing problems with low oxygen saturation. Yaqeen lived her first two days feeding on water and sugar as she was unable to breastfeed. On the third day, the girl refused to receive any food orally, her skin changed color and her upper and lower limbs turned blue.

Baby Yaqeen was taken to Sham Medical Center in the camp and was put on a respirator. The military Command base Al-Tanf, which is under the control of the International Coalition was notified of the girl’s critical medical condition. The next day, the girl was transferred to the medical point inside the military base. Clinical examinations were conducted by the doctors who decided to help her, primarily, by manually releasing the tongue. They informed her parents that she needs surgery to treat the condition of the opening inside her mouth, but only after she is two months old.

The baby girl spent two days inside the medical point inside the Al-Tanf military base before she was transferred back to the Sham Medical Center in the AlRukban IDP camp. The grandmother said that the doctors in the al-Tanf military base told her that her grandchild baby girl needed a specialized hospital with a specialized pediatrician, that there is nothing more they can do here.


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Baby girl Yaqeen is now living on a respirator and under medical observation, inside the Sham Medical center. One of the nurses at the Medical Center says: “This is what we can offer the baby girl. Yaqeen needs a hospital and a doctor specialized in ear-nose-throat, and she needs an operation for the hole in the top of her mouth. We did everything we can to help her, we operate an oxygen device, which runs 24 hours. We keep monitoring the oxygen levels and temperature, and we report the results to a pediatrician outside the camp, who follows up with us on Yaqeen’s medical condition, and provides us with any advice or instructions as needed.”

Her grandmother, Hasna has knocked on the door of everyone she knew, but with no answer. The grandmother tells us that she also “informed the American embassy of Yaqeen’s medical situation, asking them to help her to be transferred to Jordan or any neighboring country for treatment, but without any response yet.”

Hasna appeals to all countries and international organizations to highlight what she called the “death camp” due to the neglect and indifference experienced by its residents. Hasna says, “We are just neglected numbers to them. I ask everyone who reads this to see what we are experiencing. Put yourselves in our place.” And she continues “The baby girl Yaqeen needs divine care, but unfortunately, people’s hearts have become hollows, deprived of love and care.”

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