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Palmyra – what the world has lost

One of the most recognisable landmarks of the ruins, the triple arch stood at the head of a grand colonnade that led to the great temple of Bel – until it was destroyed.

How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

“Eternal Heritage”, : Palmyra, Syria | How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

أسلوب الحياة في تدمر القديمة The Lifestyle In Anceint Palmyra

يعكس نمط حياة المجتمع عادة مواقف الفرد، وطريقة حياته، وقيمه، أو نظرته للعالم في فترة معينة، حيث إن نمط الحياة هو وسيلة لتكوين إحساس بالذات وخلق رموز ثقافية لها صدى مع الهوية الشخصية والتعبير عن الذات.


When ISIS captured Palmyra for the first time in May 2015, the people of Palmyra, or “al-Tadamera”, were affected by the destruction wrought upon the archaeological site as much as they were by the loss of their families, friends and homes.

Palmyra youth turn to ISIS in city with ‘No Future

Since the Islamic State (IS) captured Palmyra city from regime forces on May 20, approximately 1,340 young men from the city and other surrounding towns in the eastern Homs countryside have joined IS’s

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