الجمعة, سبتمبر 17, 2021
الرئيسية علامات Syrian Refugee

علامة: Syrian Refugee

Residents of Rukban Camp Face Siege, Limited Aid, and Dangers in Reconciled Areas

Close to 10,000 civilians are living under wretched humanitarian conditions in the Rukban camp, located in a desert region in Badiyat Homs near the Jordanian-Syrian border, with infrastructure unfit for human life. Many of these civilians live with children who were born inside the camp; children who experience total isolation from life outside the camp and who are without legal documents. To date, the United Nations is still unable to find solutions to deliver humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Rukban. Many residents of the camp suffer from a shortage of food and the spread of disease. The most basic medical supplies and medicine are lacking. Even education is limited. SJAC sources in the camp say that there are only a few informal schools, all run by volunteers.

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