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Omar Farajani Victim of Forced Disappearance Since 2011

SNHR has briefed the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary disappearances, of the case of citizen Omar Abd Al-Rahman Farajani, aged 29 at the time of arrest, from Homs, Tadmur

Video shows Assad forces burning bodies of Syrian dissidents who died under torture

Video evidence of a mass crematorium that burned around 100 bodies of dissidents a day was found in Syria's Daraa has been uncovered.

Medical and food blockades deepen the ordeal of al-Rukban’s forgotten Syrian inhabitants

“My son is fighting for his life in my arms, but I can’t do anything for him,” Umm Maher, who lives in al-Rukban camp in the no-man’s-land along the Syrian-Jordanian border, said. Maher, just 15 months old,  suffers from “a testicular hernia that has turned into a large swelling, accompanied by vomiting and a high fever,”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards dig tunnels in city of Palmyra

Syrian opposition sources report that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is digging trenches in the city of Palmyra to reinforce the group's presence in the area

Syrian heritage suffered ‘cultural apocalypse

A decade of war has not only destroyed Syria's present and poisoned its future, it has damaged beyond repair some of its fabled past.

How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

“Eternal Heritage”, : Palmyra, Syria | How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

Birth in the desert: Team of nurses, Zoom deliver baby in al-Rukban

When Reem Ibrahim’s contractions started on the morning of Nov. 28, she was filled with a deep fear. She had just entered her 40th week of pregnancy and her approaching due date — normally a source of happiness and celebration — had only increased her feelings of dread.

Rukban Camp: Stay and Starve, or Leave and Die

Jordan is dumping refugees on U.S.-held territory near Syria, and the United States is refusing to care for them as conditions worsen.

The Guardian: How Syria’s blasted landmarks are starting to rise from the ruins

From Aleppo to Palmyra, many of the country’s architectural treasures have been reduced to rubble, but restoration has begun

Syrian Regime’s destruction of agricultural lands as a tactic of cementing displacement

In a disturbing trend, the Syrian regime and its allies have recently been burning agricultural lands belonging to displaced Syrians with a clear intent to cement their displacement. The systematic nature of the targeting is evident as the fires have been instigated in different areas and governorates under the control of the regime, making it impossible for the displaced to return and harvest the fields and orchards. This text provides a closer look in such incidents in Palmyra, Harasta and Al-Qusayr.

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