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ظلال الفرح في مخيم الركبان

يشبه ما يحدث في مخيم الركبان المحاصر إعادة تدوير الحياة بمفهومها البكر: خلق سعادة بأدوات بسيطة، وتزيين هذه الأدوات والتنافس عليها لنسج حكاية تبقى عالقة في الذاكرة

من الأردن إلى مخيم الركبان: القذف إلى مصائر مجهولة بينها الموت

قبل سنوات، لم يكن ما يُعرف اليوم بـ«مخيم الركبان» أكثرَ من بقعةٍ جرداء قاحلة وسط البادية، تحولت بدايةً لتكون نقطة عبورٍ إلى الأردن، ومن ثم صارت مخيماً يغلب الشقاء والبؤس على تفاصيل الحياة فيه

Stuck in No-Man’s Land: A Snapshot of the State of al-Rukban...

Al-Rukban refugee camp is all but forgotten to the world, sequestered in the dusty no-man’s land on the edge of the Syrian side of the Syrian-Jordanian border. The camp was initially formed in 2014 as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) fled violence from fighting between opposition groups and the Syrian regime, but were denied entry into Jordan due to perceived security concerns. The flow of IDPs into al-Rukban continued until the camp’s population peaked at 75,000 residents in 2016. Today, the population hovers somewhere between 10,000 and 13,000 residents, depending on the source of the estimate.

Clinics close in al-Rukban as camp braces for Coronavirus

As countries around the world enact stringent measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the 12,700 Syrians who reside in the al-Rukban internally displaced people’s camp find themselves totally unprepared to confront the virus. 

‘Only God can help us’: Hunger and despair wreak misery in...

When Um Maha* gave birth to two seemingly healthy twin girls on 8 February, she was elated. Births are no easy affair in the squalid conditions of Rukban - a displacement camp of about 13,000 Syrian refugees stuck in the no-man's land between Jordan and Syria - with no doctors and only minimal medical equipment available, so it came as a relief when there were no

“We Are Facing Famine” — Flour and Bread Cut Off for...

Residents of the Rukban camp report that they have gone for more than a week without flour and thus bread, raising the prospect of starvation

Rukban IDP Camp: what it is and what do you know...

Rukban is a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in the dessert in Syria, It is home to 12,000 (nearly 1/2 of whom are children) civilians with no where else to go having fled other regions of Syria controlled by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and ISIS

Birth in the desert: Team of nurses, Zoom deliver baby in...

When Reem Ibrahim’s contractions started on the morning of Nov. 28, she was filled with a deep fear. She had just entered her 40th week of pregnancy and her approaching due date — normally a source of happiness and celebration — had only increased her feelings of dread.

Al-Rukban camp has no doctors, but that could change

a hastily put together settlement in the no-man’s land between Syria and Jordan, has been all but forgotten by the world.

Rukban Camp: Stay and Starve, or Leave and Die

Jordan is dumping refugees on U.S.-held territory near Syria, and the United States is refusing to care for them as conditions worsen.

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