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الرئيسية علامات Palmyra

علامة: Palmyra

Palmyra – what the world has lost

One of the most recognisable landmarks of the ruins, the triple arch stood at the head of a grand colonnade that led to the great temple of Bel – until it was destroyed.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards dig tunnels in city of Palmyra

Syrian opposition sources report that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is digging trenches in the city of Palmyra to reinforce the group's presence in the area

Syrian uses art to keep ancient city of Palmyra alive

Palmyra is home to monumental ruins of ancient city that was one of the most important cultural centers in the past

The Getty Revisits Ancient Palmyra, but the Modern City Is Mostly Invisible

Life in Palmyra did not stop in the third century but has gone on more or less continuously at the site for the 1,700 years since.

Syrian heritage suffered ‘cultural apocalypse

A decade of war has not only destroyed Syria's present and poisoned its future, it has damaged beyond repair some of its fabled past.

Faces of Ancient Palmyra

More than 3,000 funerary portraits from ancient Palmyra survive in museums around the world, bringing us face to face with people who lived in Syria almost two millennia ago.

Palmyra before the destruction of ISIL ?? Syria

An oasis in the Syrian desert, north-east of Damascus, Palmyra contains the monumental ruins of a great city that was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world

‘Return to Palmyra’ celebrates Syrian ancient city’s legacy

Dive into the remarkable history of the ancient city of Palmyra and explore its influential culture through the online exhibition in the 10th year of the Syrian War 

Archaeologist fought ISIS to protect remains of Queen who rivalled Roman Empire

ARCHAEOLOGIST Khaled al-Asaad fought to protect the ancient remains of Palmyra, refusing to reveal to ISIS where valuable artefacts had been hidden from the ancient city at the heart of an empire that once rivalled Rome.

How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

“Eternal Heritage”, : Palmyra, Syria | How about (re)discovering the internationally known columns of Palmyra?

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