ISIS carries out Mass Executions in Palmyra Ancient Theatre


Palmyra Monitor – EXCLUSIVE

ISIS carried out a mass execution included 12 person in Palmyra yesterday 18-01-2017. The executions were held on in three different public places in the city (the Roman Theatre, the Russian military base, the museum square).
The victims were four Palmyrene civilian who have been arrested by ISIS during the battle in the city last month, four FSA fighters who have been arrested in eastern Qalamon, and four of regime militias men who have been arrested during ISIS assault on Palmyra.
The four civilian have been executed in the museum square near Palmyra Museum, and the FSA and regime militias fighters have been executed in the mentioned palces above.
The executions varied in the methods according to the victims identities. All the fighters have been slaughtered, whereas the civilian have been shot dead.
It is the second execution that has been held on in the ancient theatre as ISIS carried out the first one in May 2015 after the first ISIS dominance over the city where 20 regime soldiers and militias men have been shot dead in a public execution.
Nowadays, a lot of fears that ISIS may carry out more executions against civilian who are arrested by ISIS after controlling the city. There are about 75 Palmyrene civilian still under arresting by ISIS and dozens of regime soldiers and militias men.

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