Coronavirus Threatens Displaced in Syria’s Rukban Camp

Appeals for help at the Rukban camp for displaced Syrians: “Health Care is a Right for Refugees”

I also spoke with Beverley O’Connor of Australia’s ABC on Thursday about the Coronavirus threat in the Rukban camp.


This is a literal example about Syrians disappearing from view.

I understand people are tired about the conflict. It’s like “What can we do?”

But in the process of Syria disappearing, these 12,000 people have disappeared. Were it not for brave humanitarian activists and even braver residents, they would have been erased entirely.

Another extract from the conversation:

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I joined Austria’s Radio FM4 to explain the threat to about 12,000 displaced Syrians as Coronavirus enters the besieged Rukban camp in the southeast near the Jordanian border — and why no one so far appears to be helping them.


We may be talking about more than 3,000 cases in a camp which, because of the Assad-Russia siege, has shortages of food, basic supplies, and — importantly — medicines. There’s nothing except paracetamol in the camp’s rudimentary clinic.

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Scott Lucas